Pine Thistles – Walking on a Soft Bed of nature

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Pine Thistles may not be a subject you have considered chatting about.

I will start with a little background. Pine Thistles coming up.

Tomorrow, January 20, 2021, the government will be swearing in a new President and Vice President. Both of whom come in with heavy baggage. There are many doubts and suspicions surrounding both.

America has spent the last 5 years with a government of greedy, self righteous and deceitful persons running this country. We have been dividing and not uniting for a long time. It is sad.

I grew up during the Vietnam War. Watching our young men go off to fight a war that was not ours to fight. So many did not come home, while too many came back forever changed.

My generation saw the beginning of space flights, desegregation, women’s rights and many Peaceful marches and protest.

We also saw the assignation of a President, a senator, and a civil rights activist.

Back to the Pine Thistles.

19 years old and a runaway. I left my home state of Tennessee trying to escape. Escape what, you may ask. The only answer I have is Life.

Living in Pine Hills, Florida was magical. Pine Trees, endless Sky and so warm. It was like being on vacation every day. For a brief time, I lived in a tiny camper trailer in an small RV Park with other Hippies. We were all looking for some sort of escape.

A group of my new friends were going to a local Skaggs Albertsons grocery store. They were going to dumpster dive for food. Moment of Awakening. I needed to make a change. We were picking oranges for gas and rental money, not much left for food.

While they were dumpster driving, I took a walk to talk with God. With no idea of where I was going, I stepped in a bed of Pine Thistles. So soft and not a sound did I make. I walked through the trees noticing the smells and listening to the silence. I could hear civilization noise in the distance.

Taking a walk

Hidden in the back I discovered a lake. Slowly approaching the edge of the lake, there was a large bird sitting on a tree stump by the waters edge. It turned and looked at me but did not fly away.

I continued toward the edge of the lake and this large bird on the stump. I sat down and gazed at the ripples in the water and the moon’s reflection over the lake.

I sat for hours with nothing but the large bird, the moon’s reflection and the soft sounds of the lake waters lapping on the shore.

That day God was a large bird sitting on a stump, watching the moon’s reflection on the ripples of water and listening to the sounds of the waters lapping…and He was with me.

I found a job at a fruit packing house but it was too far away. I then found a job at a plant nursery. Found a little apartment in the back of what was a church. New Hippie friends and a new start.

I will end this here. I found my soul mate at that plant nursery 45 years ago. We began our journey together. God is still with us.


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