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old tired cooking pot

I thought I would share another ‘Random Thought’.

Always make good memories. Simple, happy memories will always live in your heart. Complicated, unhappy memories live in your mind. As we grow older these memories will randomly pop up perhaps triggered by a current event. A memory of a old, tired cooking pot.

I was peeling potatoes the other night, a memory was triggered. This memory taught me a life lesson in being humble.

I was born and raised just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Over the years people would ask where I was from. They would always say, “Oh you’re a Country Girl.” My reply would be, “I have never lived in the country, nor in the city. I lived in a regular neighborhood.”

I am very proud of my upbringing. I grew up with many strong, hard working relatives. God was always in the lead, for myself and my family. The way I was raised has made me who I am today.

A beautiful Spring day in 1972

My childhood sweetheart had a large family. I was getting my Hope Chest ready as we were getting married. That Spring day, I was 17 and thought I knew what I was doing. Everything was going to be perfect.

We went to visit his brother. He lived with the Cumberland River in his back yard. Tiny little house with a quite large yard. This little house needed many repairs. Upon entering the house I noticed everything was old, broken and nothing matched.

The Old, Tired Cooking Pot

old tired cooking pot

I sat in the kitchen as the wife was seeing to dinner. She had this old tired cooking pot. She carefully peeled potatoes and put them in the pot to cook. This little pot literally danced on the stove as the potatoes were boiling. It looked as if it had been used as a hammer at one time.

I watched as she went about preparing dinner in this tiny, unmatched kitchen. When it was time to eat we sat down with their rosy cheeked babies. The silverware and dishes didn’t match and many were chipped. Nothing fancy but never have I tasted better food in my life. There was such a feeling of love at that table.

I went on to get married the following year. I had a new mobile home, everything was new and matched. It was perfect. Oh what a fairy tale, the marriage failed in the first year. None of the ‘perfect’ things mattered. I was miserable. Important lessons were learned that Spring day, I just didn’t see the signs.

Sadly I learned many years later the brother had drowned in the Cumberland River saving his son from drowning. A family that knew the true meaning of life was forever broken…

I will never forget that Old Tired Cooking Pot dancing so delightfully on the stove. The beautiful family that loved God, worked hard and knew so very much about the simple things in life.

All is well in “My Tiny Korner”

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