Fannykin Figurine Boy with Heart Thrift Store Find

Fannykin Boy with a Heart

I decided to go to ‘Goodwill’ to wander around a few days ago. Tucked away behind a dirty bag of robbins & bows, an unknown object and some plastic toy looking thing; I spotted this Fannykin Boy with a heart figurine.

He stood there in all his glory, even though he was a wee bit rough around the edges.

My mind went racing back in time. I was a hopeless romantic as a teenager. These and many other figurines were everywhere. Oh how I loved them. I had a figurine made by another artist. I carried it through life. It traveled from Tennessee to Florida in 1975. We then journeyed to Texas in 1976. Back to Tennessee, 2 kids later, in 1978. Finally we landed back in Florida in 1980. I gave this figurine to my daughter when she began her journey to Love. She still has it.

Figurine from the 1970’s

I brought this poor little sad boy home with me. I cleaned him up as best I could. He was pretty rough. I decided he needed some color. Being vintage Fannykin, I realized it would bring down his monetary value. That was not of importance to me. He ‘needed color’.

I first primed him with white Matte paint. This is a where I started adding color. I could see that was what he needed


He was coming to life. Yet something was missing. The eyes are the mirror to the soul. Does this little guy have a soul?

The eyes actually seem to follow you. You tell me. Does this little guy look happier?

I love how he came out. The lighting is not great. Pictures do not give him justice. Thank you for taking the time to visit and looking at this happy little Fannkin Boy with a Heart!


All is well in “My Tiny Korner”

Very happy you stopped by.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who wishes to chat.

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