If the Bed is Not Made – the Whole Room Is A Mess!

unmade bed
if the bed is not made

If the bed is not made – the whole room is a mess!

Unsure when I heard this quote, none the less it is stuck in my head. If the bed is not made – the whole room is a mess! Could it have been a Relative, or a Home Economics Teacher? This shall remain an unsolved mystery.

Doctors appointment was on my calendar this morning. Thankfully, should be the last for 6 months. My husband stayed home from work to be my personal Uber Driver. It is difficult for me to drive in a busy area. The Specialist is located across from the hospital and it involves a parking garage. Definitely not my cup of tea.

Up and going, showering, getting dressed, gathering paperwork, etc. Dear Hubby is sleeping in. As a result, the Bed Was Not Made; therefore, the Whole Room Was A Mess!

Finally, we were on our way. Pleasant, uneventful drive with easy parking. Thumbs up visit with the doctor. Drive home was also uneventful.

Arrival time back home was a wee bit after 10 am. My new mission, do not make the bed. Turned on the TV, got back into cozy attire and parked myself on the couch. Making the bed was not on my to do list.

Yet another quote

Hence, another quote. “Think Out of the Box.” For me that would mean not making the bed. This particular quote is not appropriate in some situations.

Happily watching movies and working on my latest project, so I thought. The quote was spinning around and around in my head.

Somehow, I felt overwhelming guilt. Who could have said this to me?

I worked harder not making the bed, than I would have if I had just made the bed.

Needless to say, around 5:00 there I was making the bed. I am quite sure there is a quote for that also.

the whole room is a mess

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