Frenzy Cleaning while waiting for UPS…So Much Fun

Waiting on UPS

Frenzy Cleaning while waiting for UPS…

Frenzy Cleaning is better than wasting my time is not my favorite thing to do. when I need to be doing other things. Besides it being It is like having my hands tied to be sure.

Have no fear, My list of things to do is very long. I decide it is time to dust and clean the shelves in the den. This will not be an easy task.

Cleaning supplies

Swiffer cloths, dusting sticks, and Endust. Get the show on the road.

Lots of Books and Knickknacks. All dusted and washed. Shelves dusted and cleaned. Rearranged everything in a pleasing way. Sorry about the shooting victim on the television.

Some of my ‘Favorite Things’. Monkeys and Indians and this is just part of them.

Favorite Things

Can’t forget my office desk

Besides the den I did a wee bit of rearranging my office desk. This would be Grand Central. I spend more time on my laptop in the den.


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