Bumps in the Road…I made it

I need to go to the Post Office

Let’s get started

Bumps in the Road…I ran into yet another Bump in the road. The bumps started with the website mess I discussed in a previous Blog Post… You can read about the website mess at this link….

Finally, I have my website back up and running. I need to get pics and post an item as soon as possible. The item was posted and purchased. On to packing and shipping!

Here comes another bump…

Sunday night my cable started freezing up. Monday morning I had to reboot every 10 minutes, not exaggerating. Here we go again. All day, it seems, on the phone.

No where near the trouble I had with the website issue.

Great news…..I get to be a cable box installer. Shipping a new box. Scheduled to arrive Tuesday. Waiting all day on Tuesday for the box.

What to do… What to do? How about frenzy cleaning while I wait? Good idea. Let us proceed…

Cable Box has arrived…

After a wee bit of fussing, trial & error I did it. Box is installed. All is working as it should.

Can I go to the Post Office?

We are now at very early Wednesday morning. How will this day go?

Is that rain, wind and thunder I hear? Of course it is, my dear. Why not? Oh my goodness gracious what am I going to do. Wait it out and hope for the best would be my guess.

By the way, I also have to take the old cable box to a FedEx or UPS….Are you kidding me?

The sun has decided to come back…

All packed and ready! Off to the Post Office I go. Hopefully things will be back to normal once again. Hoping for no more Bumps in the Road.

Time to go to the Post Office!

All is well in “My Tiny Korner”

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