Bad Day with Customer Service via Phone

I had a rough experience with a customer service individual today. My web site went down and I did not know why. Last night I called and was greeted by a lovely young lady that went out of her way to help. Granted she was not able to resolve the problem, she really did try.

I was then transferred to another wonderful young lady. She also did everything she could think of. I was told to give them 24 hours and it should be resolved. Yikes….that is too long! She told me it was something on their side and it would be resolved.

I am not a patient person, unfortunately.

Needing to get this fixed, I called back this morning. Promptly greeted by a young man that did not value his job. He kept sending me to different web pages, trying to prove my site was working. After going through with what he suggested, he stated it was my internet connection.

It is Not my Internet Connection

First off kind sir, I have been to the various sites on the internet you suggested. How then do you say it was my internet connection? My internet is perfectly fine, my cookies are cleaned, connected and reconnected etc, etc.

He then says ” Since I can’t see your problem, how do you expect me to fix it? I then had to inform him that I would no longer be able to speak with him. I did not want him to have to deal with the evil me. I then hung up.

I called back again and spoke with another lovely young woman and my web site is back up and running, It was something on their part. I now have to decide how to answer the survey for him.

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