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upcycle jewelry display

Greetings to my Fellow Earth Travelers

Just a small peek into My Tiny Korner

My Tiny Korner of this Big Blue Marble is where I Work and where I Play!

I have never been one to live off of the page of a magazine, therefore what you see is what it be.

Making use of what is available and turning it into what I need has always been my forte.

Every little thing has a memory attached. I LoVe to surround myself with the things that make me smile.

I remember back in the day: I would cover cardboard boxes with sheets from the thrift shops.

Just tuck in the corners neatly and made end tables. Hey! It worked.

My Tiny Korner –  Thrift Store Find

#Jewelry Display

Picked this little beauty up at Goodwill a few weeks back. Not too pricey *wink*

She is screaming for a makeover…

upcycle jewelry displayThe hangers need to be replaced or straightened and cleaned…maybe some paint?

The colors are very ugly and faded.

When I complete her makeover I will make a new post for the Reveal. It is Okay…I will post a link here *smile*

My Tiny Korner –  Thrift Store Find #BarbieHairShop

My Tiny Korner

Next another good deal on a Barbie hair shop doll. (Not the real name)

She will become a piece of art….She will also have a Big Reveal post.

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