The Clover Patch under a Shade Tree in the summer

Clover Patch

The Clover Patch under a Shade Tree in the summer

Clover Patch diddie that just popped in my head….

During the summer, out in the sun, it was Hot

Under a shade tree was a clover patch, and it was Not…

Clover Patch, how often do you think about one? I often think about a cool clover patch under a shade tree. I spent many hours pondering life. searching for a four leaf clover, while waiting for Charlie. Charlie was the Popsicle Man that is remembered to this day by many kids who have since grown. He drove an 8’x12′ wagon with a cowbell. The gentle clunk of the cowbell could be heard for blocks by all the kids.

Charlie the Popsicle ManCharlie the Popsicle Man

If I close my eyes I can be back to the early 60’s, sitting in the clover patch. All the clover leaves are bunched together like a blanket of coolness.  I can smell the sunshine, honeysuckles and even the grass. Children are playing, I hear their gentle giggles. Someone is mowing the grass and the birds are singing too. There I am, in the cool Clover Leaves listening to my transistor radio. It was so cool to make the headbands and necklaces out of the clover flowers while listening to Rock and Roll music. Bees are buzzing, yet I am not afraid. I love honey bees.

clover patchClover Patchclover patch








Then I hear it, the famous cow bell. My money in hand, I run to the street. All the other kids are there too. We jump on the low bar of the wagon as we wait for our turn. I get my usual chocolate malt cup, the big one. Charlie calls us by name and we say goodbye.

Back to my clover patch under the shade tree. I have a little piece of Heaven right there in my front yard! I miss those days.